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Title: ‘You have a niece?’

Author: Me, Sara

Part: 3/?

Pairing: Poynter/Judd, and maybe more, I don’t know yet.

Rating: 13, it’s tame, but may go up in later parts

Summary: I can’t write these, it’ll have to be a surprise…

Disclaimer: I do not own Mcfly or MSN. I do not own anything apart from some grotty old posters and a teddy bear. I most certainly do not own Mcfly’s sexualities, those are completely their own. : P

A.N: This is my first fic, please don’t hate me… also, this bit is a little shorter than the others, but it has a good cliffy, I think : )



‘Damn, Damn, Damn’ Dougie thought as he paced his room. Georgie was coming to London. What if she wanted to meet up? What would he do? What would he say?

‘Oh, hey Georgie, you may know me, I’m not Dave, but actually Dougie from Mcfly’

Oh yes, that would go down very well.


The pacing was making him dizzy so he flopped down on the bed and shut his eyes.




His MSN box flashed orange and opened up.


London here I come says:

Hey, u there?


Dougie was in two minds. In the end he decided to ignore it.


London here I come says:



He was just about to go over when…


London here I come says:

Obviously not, catch up with yaz later XX


Phew, that saved him some awkward explanations. Lying back down on the bed, he fell into a deep and somewhat troubled sleep.




Dougie woke up, a little dazed from all the shouting to hear his name being called. He got up and wandered to the top of the stairs. “What?” He asked calmly, earning a glare from Harry who had all but yelled himself hoarse trying to get him downstairs.


“Fletch wants to talk to us, in there” he said, pointing to the sitting room. ‘Oh bugger it’ thought Dougie ‘what have I done now.’ He morosely shuffled into the room and plopped down onto a big, squashy armchair, glaring.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Fletch warned, “It’s not as if I’ve come to tell you you have to come in for a photo shoot at 5:30 tomorrow morning.” Tom pulled a ‘haa haa’ face at him and replied, “Come on then, I don’t have all day.”


Fletch glared at him again, and continued “Well, my niece Georgina is coming to London next week, she’s staying for about a month on work experience and I trust you’ll all be very nice to her.”

“AWWW, we were going to have fun tying her to that lamppost at the end of the street, why d’you have to go and spoil it” Harry said, smirking.

Fletch just gave him a black look as he got up and said, “oh, and one more thing, no swearing, strutting around naked or… or… Generally being you okay” He then walked out the door, only to come back a second later and say, "oh and guys, you have to come to a photo shoot at 5:30 tomorrow morning." He grinned a made for the door, mostly to avoid the three cushions being chucked at him. Dougie however was too preoccupied to throw one.




Coming to London,


It was just a coincidence,


Wasn’t it???


I hope you enjoyed that lolz, T’was a lot of fun to write. The next part will be up soon so, watch this space.




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