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1st fic!

Title: Fiery Love

Author: wonderland4ever

Pairing: PoynterJones wooo! Joynter! No wait, wouldn’t it be pones?

Part: Standalone


Dedications: Thanks to jockstrap_girl for the ideas and also the other person who replied to my request for ideas but whose username I can’t remember. Sorry. And also thanks to anyone who can be bothered to read this!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this stinkin’ computer of mine.

A.N: My first ever fic so please go easy on me. Any tips appreciated!

“Daaaaannnnnny!” Dougie screeched from the kitchen “Heeeeelp!” Danny thundered down the stairs into the smoke filled hall, coughing as he went.

“Where are you Dougie?” He called out trying to make his way through the house now filling with nauseous fumes.

“I’m” he coughed violently ”in the kitchen” Danny felt his way through the hall and into the kitchen.

“Doug, turn off the cooker!” He spluttered, the sickening smell of burning pasta made him want to vomit, but he carried on fighting his way through the kitchen. He dodged around the kitchen table found the sink, putting his hands wall behind it; the brunette felt the back wall, searching for the window. Finding what he was searching for he unlatched the window with ease letting the smoke out. Danny spotted the smaller boy and grabbed him by the hand and leading him out of the kitchen, through the hall and into the living room.

“Danny! You found me!”

“Of course I found you, you div, I was only upstairs” Danny said giving Dougie a playful smack on the head.

“I thought I was going to die” Dougie sobbed, Danny pulled him into a tight hug “I was trying to cook us spaghetti Bolognese”

“Dougie, next time, leave the cooking to me”

“But I like cooking” the younger lad argued.

“But next time I might not be there to stop you extremely cute arse from burning up” Dougie giggled as Danny placed a tender kiss on the tip of his nose, “What’s Tom going to think when he gets home, eh?”

“We could also go upstairs,” Dougie suggested

“I mean the kitchen Doug, but we could go upstairs anyway.”

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