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Title: ‘You have a niece?’
Author: Me, Sara
Part: 4a/?
Pairing: Poynter/Judd, and maybe more, I don’t know yet.
Rating: 13, it’s tame, but may go up in later parts
Summary: I can’t write these, it’ll have to be a surprise…
Disclaimer: I do not own Mcfly or MSN. I do however own Georgie, she has been pestering me for a while to write this, so I am…
A.N: This is my first fic, please don’t hate me… also, I have just watched DOCTOR WHO crimbo special so it spurred me on to write this. (I like the word spurred heh heh) = ) also, sorry this is only a short one, but I wanted to get it up quickly.

Right, so by now we have established that Dougie’s online friend Georgie and Fletch’s niece Georgina are one and the same, so putting it nicely, Dougie is completely screwed = ) and on we go…

Dougie’s P.O.V - his thoughts basically = )

OH MY GOD, I am completely screwed now!!! George is coming to London and she’ll probably want to meet up. OH MY GOD. Ack, doorbell, I’ll resume this later, OH MY GOD!!!

Dougie stropped to listen.

“DOUGIE, GET THE DOOR!!!” Danny yelled from downstairs
“WHY DON’T YOU GET IT, YOU’RE DOWN THERE!!!” Dougie yelled back
“I’M ON THE PHONE” Danny yelled again
“will you be quiet, some of us are trying to sleep,” Tom said quietly.
“SHUT UP!” Dougie and Danny shouted in unison, and Tom huffed.

Ringgggg Ringggggggggg

Georgie had heard everything from the doorstep. ‘God this house is loud,’ she thought before checking it was definatly the right one, horror, it was.


Dougie ran downstairs and stopped beside the sitting room door.

“You’re not on the phone,” Dougie said indignantly
“I was,” Danny replied.

Dougie just sighed and muttered something about useless wastes of space and lazy arses before opening the door. Oh crap, there was a girl standing there.

“Hello, is this the Mcfly house?” she asked.
“Um… Yeah, who are you?” Dougie asked, even though he thought he knew the answer.
“Hi, I’m Georgie, my uncle Fletch said to meet him here.”


So, Georgie has arrived, Dougie is going to have a heart attack, and Danny is a lazy arse. Everything’s great isn’t it = ) heh heh. Well, Merry Christmas one and all = )

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