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urm... yeah.

Title: ‘You have a niece?’

Author: Me & Georgie

Part: 5/?

Pairing: Poynter/Judd, and maybe more, I don’t know yet.

Rating: 15, Dougie’s being naughty.

Summary: Dougie hopped around saying something along the lines of ‘Holy hell, Fuck it and demon cat possessed by Hades.

Disclaimer: this came from the teapot that is formerly known as Gerry or my imagination to the normal ones out there.

A.N: Bravaraa, its part 5, I finally got off my ass (and Georgie off he pogo stick) to write it = D. And a cookie to </b></a>lil_miss_cee_x</span></span></span>

Dedications: All those lovely little reviewers *pets* MWAH!!!



Georgie was staying in the little spare room at the mcfly house while Fletch’s was being fumigated. Hey, it was either have her, or have Fletch. And he snores, LOUDLY. So Dougie was helping haul a massive duffle bag up the stairs when, “Hey, Georgie,” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” said Georgie, who was following with a very, very large rucksack and a video camera, and more useless crap I can’t be bothered to write about.

“Does your bag always meow?”

“What sort of a question’s that?” Georgie asked, giving Harry a look that said’ just how thick are you anyway.’

“I swear it just meowed,” Harry insisted, stopping on the landing and glaring at the bag.

“Why don’t we just open it then, see what’s inside?” Dougie offered helpfully.

“Fine, hang on,” Georgie said, opening the zip. Suddenly, a black shape leapt out of the bag and clawed Dougie’s leg before jumping into Georgie’s arms.

“Liquorice, what are you doing in there? Did you stow away again?” Georgie cooed as Dougie hopped around saying something along the lines of ‘Holy hell, Fuck it and demon cat possessed by Hades.’


A while later, as Harry put a plaster on the long scratch up Dougie’s leg, Georgie came in. “Dougie, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know Liquorice stowed away. He’s a very naughty boy. I could have swore I left him with mum. Oh shit, mum. She’ll be thinking she Grandad locked him in the shed again. Can I use the phone?” Dougie just nodded as she’d babbled this in a matter of seconds and all he’d managed to get was that her mum sat on her grandad before locking him in the shed again. He really didn’t want to know about this girl’s home life if this was the case. So he just shuddered and retreated to the sanctuary of his bedroom, where he was free to think of doing unspeakable things involving bananas with Harry.


Later still…






Goo -goo –doll  has just signed in…


Oh, it’s Geenie. I wonder what she’d say if I told her that I was in the room right next to her now. Hmmm, actually, I don’t want to think about that.


Goo-goo–doll  says:

Hey up = D


Bad ass boi rocker says:

Hi dee ho


Goo-goo–doll  says:

Haa haa, Bad ass boi rocker my arse lolz. So , how’s you?


Bad ass boi rocker says:

Great thanks. You in London yet?


Yes, Yes, I know I already know she is but she doesn’t know that does she. Don’t look at me like that. I’ll tell her, eventually.


Goo-goo–doll  says:

Yup, I’m staying with that band I mentioned, Mcfly. Lovely lads, lovely but totally bonkers. Liquorice attacked one of them hah. Oh, actually, I think I’m going to go apologize about that. It looked really painful. BIAM


Goo-goo–doll  may not reply because her status is set to be right back…


Oh, crap. She’s coming in to apologize now. Crap, Crap, Crap. Minimize. Come on brain, get my ass into action.


Tap tap tap


“Dougie,” Georgie popped her head around the door, “look, I’m really sorry about Liquorice earlier, he’s just like that with strangers. Does it hurt much?”

“Nah, it’s alright. Doesn’t hurt to bad.” I smile at her and she looks relived.

“Oh, good. It’s just that I was worried you’d hate me, cause you just seem to have been a bit weird around me is all.” She grins nervously.

“Nope,” God, was I that blatantly obvious. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh, I’ve zoned out again. I really have to stop doing that, people’ll think I’m stupid. Crap, she’s looking at me strangely now.

“Dougie, are you okay?”

“urm, yeah.”

“okaaay then. I’m gonna go now. Night.”

“Night then.” Thank God. She’s gone. I don’t mean to sound awful but… *sigh* this really is going to be a loooong christmas.


Hellooo, your humble author here, just saying that I apologize for the crappiness of this chapter but I was eager to get some Georgie/Dougie relationships building. Next chapter’ll have a shock, and some Harry P.O.V too = D




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